Process Work Ireland

Process Work Ireland is committed to facilitating individual and collective change in the world. To this end, we provide training that is of interest to those in counselling and psychotherapy, in education, community and social work, in corporate and political arenas and religious and pastoral ministry, in fact to every human being who is interested in personal and world change. We also work with small and large groups offering conflict facilitation, open forums, business coaching and organisational development. Research in the field of Process Work is a further aspect of our work.

Process Work Ireland reflects and embodies the principles and ethos of the Process Work paradigm. This includes an approach to facilitating change that is both holistic and challenging. We believe in awareness as a path to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world. We are guided by a deep organising principle, the global dreaming, which is at the heart of life. We follow the concept of deep democracy, thereby facilitating the fullest expression of all voices and viewpoints, majority and minority, and all levels of experience, not just those that fit into the acceptable cultural norm. We believe that every experience and every voice, no matter how disturbing, is meaningful and carries its own wisdom.

All of our work with individuals and groups is guided by these principles.