Drs. Arny & Amy Mindell – Seminar 3&4 May 2018



 Drs. Arny  and Amy  Mindell

Royal Marine Hotel

Marine Rd Dublin, Ireland

10.00am to 1.00pm & 2.30pm to 5.30pm each day

May 3+4: A+A 2 Day Seminar:

Helping yourself and the world works best when you have a sense of why you were born and what your most basic patterns are.


We realized from world-wide practical experience with thousands of people, including world leaders and world tensions, that everyone has a Healer + Leadership pattern. Yet most of us are rarely sense those crucial patterns.

Therefore, we will seek, find, and explore these patterns to answer deepest questions such as:




Expect new ways to process Personal, Relationship and World Issues.

Day 1. WHO ARE YOU? WHY WERE YOU BORN?  Patterns Of Your True Nature

Day 2. YOUR LEADERSHIP PATTERN + Power For Personal And World Relationships

Contact in Ireland:  Workshop organizer, Grace Walsh and others;  info@processworkireland.org

Terms and Conditions of Attendance at Seminar

Rates of Payment

Donor 360 Euro
Standard 280 Euro
Social 200 Euro
Global 100 Euro

There are four different rates: donor rate, standard rate, social fairness rate, and global fairness rate .

We are glad that some of you can afford the donor rate. With that you contribute to common welfare and to the direct social redistribution. Thank you!

The standard rate gives you the opportunity to celebrate your privilege of earning an appropriate income in this society and adequately co-financing the work of the organisation in Ireland, as well as of the facilitators. If you have personal wealth and/or you live in a country with stronger economy than Germany, you are invited to contribute to social balance by paying donor rate.

The social fairness rate applies for those with below average income and without personal wealth (compared to German standards). The social rate is cross-financed by the participants with the donor rate.

The global fairness rate is for those living in countries that are disadvantaged in the global economy (e.g. most of the Eastern European countries as well as Greece, Latin America, Africa) and who have neither high income nor personal wealth. Excluded from global fairness rate are citizens from economically powerful countries, esp. USA, Canada, Middle, Western and Northern Europe, Australia, Japan, China and Taiwan. If you have any questions, please contact us via info@processworkireland.org.

As a reference you may look at the list of mean national economic power. or to the list of average wage. Global fairness rate should mostly be preserved for countries of lower than 50% of Germany.

Another reference for your choice may be the typical fees you receive or pay in your country for one hour of therapy or supervision:

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  • from € 65,- till € 100,-: standard rate
  • from € 40,- till € 65,-: social fairness rate
  • below € 40,-: global fairness rate

Payment must be made in full within seven days of submitting completed registration form, in order to secure your place at the seminar. Please contact Grace Walsh at info@processworkireland.org to make your payment.

Cancellation Policy

Your participation is secured once we have received the full payment of the fees. Should you withdraw from the event before 1 March 2018, we will refund your full payment minus 10% administration cost. A cancellation after 1 March 2016 will lead to a refund of your payments minus 50% administration cost. Any cancellations made after 1 April 2018 will be not refunded unless you nominate someone to take your place. In such cases we only charge an administration fee of 10%. If this causes you financial difficulties, please contact us.

Participation requirements

Participation in all parts of the seminar requires mental stability, as is generally recommended for all self-awareness workshops. Your participation is your own responsibility. This seminar can in no way replace therapeutic intervention. The organizers of the event may refuse registrations or exclude interested people from participation if there are doubts in their eligibility to participate. If you have any queries, please contact info@processworkireland.org. Any queries about the IAPOP Conference 2018 must be directed to conference2018delegates@gmail.com.

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