New Frontiers in Process Work; embracing the Edge

IAPOP Research Conference

5th, 6thh and 7th May 2018

Royal Marine Hotel

Dun Laoghaire



Process Oriented Psychology Ireland is delighted to invite you to the next IAPOP Research Conference to be held in Dublin, Ireland in May 2018.  Our political, socio-economic, cultural and world systems are facing serious challenges. This conference creates an opportunity to share our research projects, ideas, findings, questions etc., as the Process Work Community works together, bringing awareness to the challenges facing individuals, groups and communities. Process Work, with its ethos of Deep Democracy, offers a unique approach to working on ‘Wicked Problems’. And sustainable change is more attainable when we use our awareness to unfold the edge structuring these challenging situations.  For further information please visit our website at or contact us at



It is a great honour and pleasure to invite you to submit papers for the next I.A.P.O.P. Conference to be held in the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin  ‘New Frontiers in Process Work: Embracing the Edge, from 5th – 8th May 2018.

The conference title is broad,so that we can include as many interests as possible. However, we are thinking of focusing, in particular, on trauma and conflict  , related to  the following themes; Mental Health/ Extreme States, Creativity, Worldwork, Health and Body Symptoms.

If you have other areas of interest, please feel welcome to submit them to us, or to ask any questions that you may have by email. If you are thinking of presenting, please email with your topic of interest to help us with the planning process.  We would encourage everyone who is interested, student or long-time practitioner, to apply as this is a unique opportunity to present your work to a body of your peers.

  • Closing date for brief abstract outlining your idea:17th March 2017. 180 words maximum.
  • We welcome ideas for presentations, posters, and workshops.
  • We will shortlist on receipt of abstracts and ask for more detailed submissions after Worldwork.

In addition to the Conference, we are delighted to welcome Arny and Amy who will give the pre-conference seminar, introducing new universal Processwork Inner and Worldwork methods on 3rd and 4th May 2018. Please check back in August 2017 for further seminar information at:

 Post  Conference  – 8th May I.A.P.O.P. Members’ Meeting

 Post conference – 9th and 10th May I.A.P.O.P. Training Council Meeting

‘New Frontiers in Process Work; embracing the Edge’, is sponsored by IAPOP and Failte Ireland .

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