Processwork Learning Lab


The purpose of the Processwork Learning Lab, when it started in September 2012, was the sharing of ideas on how Processwork and other approaches  intermingle in our lives and in our work. It was also intended to allow people to experiment, share new ideas and generate discussion. While most of the meetings so far have fulfilled this purpose recently there has been a greater call to explore Processwork theory more directly. However, this needs to be balanced with making room for more diversity of experiences and knowledge among the people who come to the Learning Lab to share their ideas. Some of the learnings from a recent evaluation are that the Learning Lab provides connection and a sense of community, of a shared space and that safety is important.

The Learning Lab is a peer led learning group, where all participants share responsibility for facilitating the group and generating topics for discussion at future Learning Labs. There is no pressure on anyone to present, but this space is kept open and the role of facilitating a workshop is available to everyone who attends. The aim is to create a safe space for learning and sharing. The Learning Lab always has an experiential element. A group contract is needed for each Learning Lab
The meeting includes time for an evaluation of the meeting and future plans for the Learning Lab.

The meeting take place monthly and is two hours in duration. Participants donate towards the cost of the room rental.


The next Processwork Learning Lab will take place on 
Saturday March 24, from 2.30 – 4.30 pm in the
Carmelite Community Centre, 56, Aungier St, Dublin 2.
This month’s learning lab will be presented by Jacinta Costello, who writes:
” I just want to tell you my idea for the learning lab I am doing.  I’m going to bring little notebook-like notes and get people to do something on a page from a drawing to a shopping list…whatever comes into their mind first.  Then we keep rotating the books until full.  The person who did the first page of them keeps that notebook.”
Donations towards the cost of renting the room will be gratefully received
To book your place at the Learning Lab, please email Grace at