Conflict facilitation

Process Work values conflict not as a problem to be solved, but more as a process to be supported in providing invaluable information to direct the ‘next steps’ in progressing change.  Process Work recognises conflict as a potential for change and transformation.  Conflict that is not supported can often hinder and damage teamwork, decision making, productivity and achievement of goals.  The traditional approach to handling conflict is to see it as a problem that is either avoided, must be managed and dealt with or sometimes even suppressed.  Deep Democracy is an approach which supports both the majority and the minority perspectives, valuing all of the voices and trusting that through diversity and conflict a deeper understanding or new awareness can be facilitated.

Process Work identifies conflict as the emergence of change and applies methods that enable conflict to be transformative. This in turn provides opportunities for the emergence of creativity, greater teamwork, trust as well as mutual understanding and respect.