Processwork supervision is offered to professionals in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Education, Social and Community Care, Business Sector, the Health Services and in Political and Public life.  The focus of the work is to support professionals to explore and achieve their vision and goals.  The supervisor is interested in fostering new insights, skills and competencies in the professional.  The supervisory process provides a balance between support and challenge to ensure professional, ethical and best practice.  This is best achieved by the creation of a collaborative working relationship and a confidential safe space in which to address both challenges and achievements in the work.  The background philosophy is the belief that when we enter into the unknown there is potential for new creativity and insights.  The relationship dynamics that emerge between client and professional, and between supervisor and professional, are used to raise awareness of the deeper issues in the background.  The supervisee is encouraged to explore the field, the broader system and cultural influences that impact on the work thereby maintaining an overview of the social, cultural and political context in which the client operates.  Disturbance and conflict are welcomed as doorways to transformation and dynamic growth in the professional.  Constructive feedback is used to empower the professional to be free and creative within the system and each individual’s and team’s professional approach and style is nurtured and encouraged.  Rank and power, both within the supervisory relationship and the professional/client relationship, is addressed.   The supervisor also encourages self care in professional practice which leads to enhanced well being and job satisfaction.

Processwork supervision is offered to individuals, small groups, teams and organizations.